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Alex Dee

Alex has 25 years experience designing the most iconic and most played shafts in golf history. Where science intersects with art, Alex combines advanced materials engineering, creative design concepts, and innovative manufacturing techniques to develop the highest performing shafts currently on tour. He is now preparing to unleash his own visionary product line with the goal of, once again, advancing high-performance golf shaft technology.

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Michel de Fontaine

Michel is a senior executive with over 20 years of technology and operations leadership globally and across a variety of industries including consumer products and sports.  From his experience at multiple start-up and high growth companies, Michel has deep knowledge of the processes, organization, and technologies needed to launch and scale new businesses.

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Bill Stiles

A golf industry veteran of over 25 years, Bill has worked with virtually every major OEM and Aftermarket-shaft company as a key supplier.   Having cooperated in hundreds of golf shaft product launches, he has experience in all aspects of design collaboration: initial product concepts, prototyping & testing, and facilitating production across the global supply chain.

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Chris Elson

A senior golf industry executive with over 25 years of global golf component and composite industry expertise, Chris has globally led and grown multiple shaft and grip companies in both OEM and Aftermarket business segments while facilitating and building collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions.

Bill, having known Alex for more than 20 years collaborating as a key supplier to the successful company where Alex worked, was approached by the pair to bring his knowledge, relationships, and industry experience to join the start-up of this exciting company.


As the Company organized itself in the Fall of 2023, and with the golf industry ever-increasingly focused on performance products and custom fitting, they needed an experienced strategic professional to help establish and execute sales and marketing plans to address this market.  Chris, also a past customer of Bill’s, was a logical choice, having served at the top management levels of a number of different, successful golf brands.

How It All Started

Friends since their days at The University of California San Diego, Alex and Michel connected after both were looking for new challenges after reaching the pinnacle, and exiting their already successful careers.  They conceptualized a new company in the after-market golf industry, to try to push the boundaries of possibilities on materials, their usage, and the methodology of manufacturing to create truly unique and ultimately high-performing products.  

Our Vision

As our name implies (being a derivative of a Greek word meaning, generally, the pursuit of excellence) our core values are centralized on striving for excellence in everything we do.  As our motto states, “Excellence is Within”:

Excellence in our product design and manufacturing.   Promoting excellence in our people, partners, vendors and customers.  We continually remind ourselves of this core-value at every turn, and will conduct our business with this concept at the forefront. 

We intend to push the envelope on materials and designs to introduce products that do not necessarily follow the current market norms. We will bring to market the most innovative, performance-driven products to avid golfers everywhere.

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