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  • How do you pronounce ARETERA?
    We pronounce our brand Are-uh-tera.
  • I'm used to weight, flex and flight/spin designations on shafts to help me determine what shaft is best for me. On the ARETERA shafts, this information is less clear. Why?
    Our experienced Product Design Team knows that a powerful, effective swing comes down to much more than a label, shaft color, or words indicating how the manufacturer thinks the shaft should perform. It comes down to a dynamic integration of head, shaft, grip, ball and player that combine to ultimately provide the best set-up for any one individual. It is common for people to desire a shaft based on a certain (let's face it, marketing) expectation, only to have a paradoxical, or non-expected outcome, which can create unnecessary confusion. Again, going to a professional fitter is the best way to ensure you are getting the correct, holistic club design that will bring you the most effective, measurable results.
  • What if I am too far from a fitter, and simply want to buy an ARETERA shaft that best suits me, what should I do then?
    After checking our Dealer/Fitter locator, if you are still in need of assistance, contact us at and we can discuss the best way for you to proceed.
  • How was the name "ARETERA" derived?
    ARETERA was developed from the Greek word, "Arete" (Ah-Ret-TAY), which means seeking excellence in everything one does, and in doing so, fulfilling one's purpose. We took that word, added the R-A to come up with "ARETERA", which we believe presents an exciting, easily spoken brand name and represents our company's image and goals. It also becomes a palindrome, meaning it can be read the same both forwards and backwards!
  • How do your shafts compare to other leading brands who also claim high-technology products?
    There are plenty of shaft manufacturers out there, many of which produce high-quality shafts. However, it is our belief that finding the exact shaft to fit your game comes down to getting professionally fitted, with your entire set-up, which includes testing any number of shafts. We believe that once you feel the technology that ARETERA shafts provide, and see your quantified results through the evaluation process, you will become one of the thousands who have achieved personal excellence by using our shafts.
  • What are your trimming instructions for woods?
    For Drivers, 0:. For 3 Woods, ½”. For 5/7 Woods, ¾”
  • How do I become an ARETERA Dealer?
    Please go to the “Partnering” tab on our website and fill out our Dealer Opportunity Form. We’ll get right back to you.
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